Sigma is a lively game inspired by the light spectrum. You are a photon that has to follow its color beam and collect as many photons of the same color on your way. ┬áDiscover how white light is dispersed in all the colors of the rainbow and follow the right path without touching the edges.(…)

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Blast Through

Blast through is a rocket shooting game with awesome graphic and excellent audio. The control of the game is arrow keys, LEFT and RIGHT arrows to move the space ships. The ships will be auto fire, which means the rate of fire is fixed. It depends on the you to make it deadly. The game(…)

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Flappy 3D

Flappy 3D is a game similar to the famous flappy bird seen from a different point of view. The space is used in order to jump. You are in the bird’s shoes and see for yourself what must it deal with when someone else is playing flappy bird. The graphic is very impressive, gameplay simple(…)

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