Combat 4

If you are a fan of Counter Strike style games, then maybe you will like to play this Unity3D multiplayer shooting game, also. Combat 4 is an Unity3D shooting game similar to Counter Strike, where you can choose your team and your main mission is to help your team to win the deathmatch. Shoot as many opponents as you can, earn money, spend them on buying new and more powerful weapons and have fun. Combat 4 is the sequel of Combat 3.


  • W,A,S,D keys to move
  • Mouse to look around
  • R key to reload the weapon
  • F key to pick up weapons
  • Shift key to sprint
  • C key to crouch
  • SPACEBAR to jump
  • 1,2,3 keys to switch weapons

Play Combat 4 right in your Mac OS X Dashboard.
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